Alberta Schools, Tuscaloosa Alabama

Alberta Elementary School, Eastwood Middle School, Paul W. Bryant High School

Alberta Elementary School: It was located on University Boulevard East in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The April 27, 2011 tornado destroyed the school campus and much of the immediate surrounding community.  Our school body was divided and moved to two school sites to complete the 2011 school year.  Thank you to our families, the professional, dedicated faculty and staff, individuals, groups, local, state-wide, and national agencies for providing support to our school community during the continuing transition.

Eastwood Middle School: The mission of Eastwood Middle School is to empower students with the skills necessary to continue their education and to take responsibility for their lives.

Bryant High School: The stakeholders of Paul W. Bryant High School promote student academics, athletics, service, and leadership so that graduates are prepared as responsible and productive citizens in a global society.

Alberta Schools Tuscaloosa Alabama